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Venetian Mirrors Cheap – We are at the peak of Summer therefore we believed it would be fitting to write about sunburst mirrors. Maybe one of our favorite mirror designs the sunburst is made for the Summer interiors however these versatile designs can also look fantastic featured all year around in your home offering a stunning burst of light. We have always appreciated sunburst mirrors however when doing any research we discovered that there is more to sunburst mirrors compared to really meets the eye.

The Origin of the Sunburst Mirror

The sunburst mirror has an intriguing history that dates right back into the 17th Century. Throughout the 17th Century that the Catholic Church began to use monstrances over the alter these elaborate designs were made up of ornamental stands surrounded by glided beams of sunlight showing that which we understand today as the sunburst style. These monstrances were frequently found in churches in Italy featured over the altar. The very first mirrors were very little and convex and it was not until the late 17th Century that mirror production became more recognized and mirrors eventually increased in size.

We can not be completely sure as to if the first sunburst style mirror at exactly the exact same design we all know today was first produced, however research indicates it could be any moment inside the 19th Century.

Sunburst Mirrors In your Interiors

From petite to grand and oversized these stunning mirrors are a true piece of artwork that will immediately improve any home. These round mirrors with adorning frames continue to captivate us and can easily double up as piece of wall art. These are various examples of just how versatile these mirror are; they could work in their own as a accent or can be pieced with different styles creating a stunning high impact.

These mirrors work exceptionally well in entrance hallways; try positioning over a console table to make a striking focal point which will immediately catch the attention of guests. The mirror would seem both at home featured on a plain wall; they offer excellent bursts of light so in case you have a narrow and long entrance hallway a sunburst can help create the illusion of greater distance.

On your bathroom consider replacing a conventional cabinet with a large sunburst style mirror. Traditionally mirrors must be positioned above your sink; a sunburst style will include a sudden air of sophistication enhancing the overall feel of your bathroom. Complement the mirror with flanking wall lighting to produce the ultimate focus. These style mirrors can also make stunning unique overmantle mirrors as well as looking great positioned over your mattress pick a simple more petite style for a more refined look or a lavish styled layout for a more dramatic feel.

Traditionally sunburst mirrors were completed in gold however these mirrors are now offered in a vast range of finishes including; silver, bronze and black colours as well as wooden and even mirrored glass finishes offering a contemporary sense.

Sunburst VS Starburst

Between the 1950’s and 60’s that the sunburst mirror got a small makeover similar to the mirror pictured under these mirrors became called starburst mirrors. Usually they featured smaller group bits and other ornamental features on the beams. . These mirrors however are still frequently known as sunburst mirrors. If you hear the term starburst mirror it’s likely referring to a sunburst mirror but maybe may have additional decorative features.

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