Upper and Lower Bounds



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8 Responses

  1. georgette says:

    this was very helpful thank you

  2. kolten says:

    Thanks.This helped me a lot

  3. asif ali says:

    thanks a lot it solved my problem

  4. ratata says:

    how about for graphs when you have been given a table, and you have to find lower and upper bound for scatter graphs

  5. Rachel says:

    THANX A MILLION!!!!!!!!

  6. Luna says:

    This helped me so much. Thank You!

  7. Nasir ali says:

    S={1,2,3,………..10} in this set what is the lower and upper bound

  8. hafizan says:

    how about if the example state 2.08??
    so,the upper and lower>>??

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